Dear Mum in the making,

Is the fact that you’ve been trying to get pregnant – and not succeeding – beginning to mess with your head and emotions?

There are a million and one ways to torture yourself about your inability to get pregnant – not one of which will improve your chances of getting pregnant!  And isn’t it bad enough that your body’s not co-operating to give you your heart’s desire, without your mind being messed up as well.

Has your desire to get pregnant begun to dominate your life?   Is your relationship with your partner, is beginning to feel the strain – because after all, no matter how much they want a baby too, no matter how supportive they are – and understanding – they can’t really know how you feel.

And as for all those friends who are getting pregnant, well, you may be finding it difficult to be glad for them, to smother the resentment and jealousy for their joy: to ignore the pain of knowing that you’re still waiting.  And the more of your friends and family members who get pregnant, the harder it is to smother the resentment, jealousy and pain: and that makes you feel that you’re a bad person – and you’re not.

Do you go through a roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows every month, hoping desperately that this month will be the one that sees you pregnant?  Are you beginning to worry that time is running out?  Is an undercurrent of anxiety and fear beginning to feel very familiar to you as you go through daily life?

Do you feel that you’re being picked out by fate to get the raw deal?  Or perhaps being punished in some way?  Do you wish you could feel just a bit more hopeful, a bit more in control of your emotions, a bit more supported?

Well, you can if you subscribe to the Baby Making Mindset Club …


Firstly, let’s set the scene …

You’ve been to your Doctor who says, “go away, relax, stop stressing, and have more sex”. Argggh!  Or perhaps you’re past that stage and have already undergone a battery of tests and now you’re really worried.  Or maybe you’re further down the line and, sadly, have experienced some failed procedures and loss.

How do you stop the sadness, anxiety and disappointment.  How do you manage the constant rollercoaster of emotions and that negative mindset that just compound your problems?

It’s not easy!  And that’s why I’ve created Baby Making Mindset Group.

It’s a pregnancy mindset approach that will show you, what you need to DO, to feel better AND improves your chances of getting pregnant.  And it will also connect you with other women in similar circumstances, who are also coping as best they can.  It will give you a chance to give and receive support in a safe environment.

And it’s more, than a few relaxation exercises.  Much, much more.  Because your whole mindset may benefit from a make-over: your belief systems; your expectations; and your habitual thoughts patterns may need to be re-shaped in order for you to grab back control.

How you think affects how you feel and your emotional state can impact on your physical well-being.

The Baby Making Mindset Group will:

  • Help you to build your mental and emotional resources
  • Help you overcome the rollercoaster of highs and lows throughout your cycle
  • Help you deal with the anxiety, disappointment and pain associated with trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant
  • Give you the support of other women who are facing the same challenges
  • Offer you monthly information and tools and techniques to help you get back in control
  • Provide a monthly Q&A session to help you with your “mind monkeys”

Don’t waste any more time …  if what you’re doing now isn’t working, STOP and do something different.  You owe it to yourself to do everything you can to become pregnant … because you deserve to realise your heart’s desire!

And joining the Baby Making Mindset Group will cost you less than the price of a weekly coffee.  At only £10 per month you’ll have access to precious resources that will smooth your path to pregnancy and you’ll be able to join a community of women who are all wanting to support and be supported.

You can unsubscribe at any time if you get pregnant or just feel it’s not for you.  But, why not give it a try and see how it can improve the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to make your baby a desire that’s about to manifest in your life soon.

The Baby Making Mindset Group will:

> Save You Time

  • I’ve spent 20 years gathering this information and discovering what works and what doesn’t.  You can’t afford to spend 20 years on research!  You want something that will make a difference today.
  • You’ll know within 2 cycles if it’s helping (you may or you may not be pregnant, but you will definitely feel more in control of your mind and emotions)
  • You don’t have to wait – you can get started as soon as you join the club
  • It’s easy to fit into your schedule – at home or wherever it suits you, whenever it suits you
  • You don’t have to spend hours surfing the internet for information that may or may not be relevant and useful

> Save You Money

  • A session of therapy treatments will cost you £400 plus, and maybe much more depending on what you try.
  • IVF will cost you £4,000 or more.  Monthly membership of the Baby Making Mindset Group costs less than a couple of coffees and a cake.

>Help You To Feel  Better

  • You will learn coping strategies that will help you to feel more relaxed and in control of your mind and emotions.  And that won’t just help with getting pregnant: it will spill over into all areas of your life.

> Improve Your Chance Of Getting Pregnant

  • Stress, negative thinking, and negative emotional states will all impact on the efficiency of your body over time and there’s some evidence to suggest that stress can reduce your ability to get pregnant.

> Give You Peace Of Mind

  • If you’ve already looked at physical ways to help increase fertility – nutrition, supplements, etc, joining the Baby Making Mindset Group will give you peace of mind – you’ll know that you’ve covered all the bases – physical and mental/emotional.

Realise your dream to have a baby (or two) while you still have time.

The Baby Making Mindset Group has taken 15 years to develop.  It will provide you with lots of tools and techniques and lots of support to give you back control of your mind and emotions.  And, it’s different than anything else on the subject that you’ve ever seen.

Here’s How The Baby Making Mindset Group Can Help You Feel Better Now …

You’ll discover

  • How to de-stress
  • How to harness the power of your mind
  • What hidden barriers you might have to being pregnant
  • How to get 100% behind your desire
  • How to feel that it really is possible for you to become pregnant
  • And lots, lots, more – there’s a new subject every month

OK, So What’s This Incredible Resource Going To Cost You?

Let’s do a quick comparison – last time I checked IVF would set you back £4000 or more.  Or you could pay £400 or more for a series of therapy sessions.

The other option is for you to shell out hard cash buying all kinds of expensive fertility books that will only sit on your shelf gathering dust, because you don’t have the time to read them, or that you don’t use because they offer confusing and conflicting advice.

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me.  So I figured out a way to provide you with quality information and support at a bargain price ….

This sensational resource, the Baby Making Mindset Group, is available to you 24/7.

Join the group and you become a member of a closed Facebook group where you can:

  • talk to me and to each other
  • and get access to the monthly Q&A session
  • download the monthly workshop

Now because everything’s online – I’m not going to charge anywhere near the amount you’d pay for a single round of IVF or even what a series of therapy sessions would cost.  In fact, your investment to the Baby Making Mindset Group is just £10.  And you’re not committed to saying in the Club – you can leave any time you wish.

Click on the button below to Join Right Now!

Once your credit card is approved, you will be receive an email with a link to a special club page and access to your first video workshop.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s 2.00am in the morning!   You can be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes … and using it to get back in control of your emotional state.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck on your journey.


PS     If you continue to manage your emotions around trying to get  pregnant the same way, you’re going to get the same results.  What I’m offering is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the Baby Making Mindset Group, so you can see for yourself how our specially developed programmes and mind management techniques can help you get back in control of your head space; manage the emotional roller-coaster more effectively; improve your ability to relax; and give you support in your journey to achieving the family you have always wanted.