Fit To Conceive? Here’s Why Going Organic Might Help

This post is someone else’s work and the saying “out of the mouth of babes” comes to mind.  Here’s a young student describing a school experiment that demonstrates why going organic with your purchases of food, beauty and cleaning products might be better for you (and improve your chance of conceiving).

When you’re trying to conceive, it’s important to increase your chances of getting pregnant by any means possible and diet should be high on your list.  Going organic means that you can be confident that your exposure to any form of chemical additive will be reduced.  And as well as eating organic you may wish to consider clearing out your bathroom cabinet of all those chemical filled grooming and beauty products such as deodorant, body washes, hair products, etc, etc, etc.  And then check out your cleaning cupboard – cleaning products are normally very toxic and full of chemicals.  Try lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and if you’re interested in finding out more, a 15 minute search of Google will give you a plethora of natural recipes to use.  Happy hunting.

Maximise Your Fertility, Naturally

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Your body naturally strives to be in a state of balance and it’s constantly adjusting to maintain that state of balance: your breathing, temperature, blood pressure, blood volume, fluid levels, cell life cycles, hormone levels and a multitude of other adjustments are being made by your body every minute.  So that balance is created from a dynamic process that responds to internal and external factors: what you eat, your level of physical activity, stress, environmental pollution, and a whole range of factors.

And your body needs to be in balance with your mental and emotional state – thought patterns and emotions have a physical dimension – your thoughts and feelings can affect posture and chemical responses in the body.  The stress response is a great example of how mind and emotions can affect physical state.

Eat Naturally

When it comes to diet, go for organic, unprocessed, colourful food.  If possible, cook from scratch to avoid additives, and have a wide variety of food.  Avoid white or grey foods such as white bread, pasta and rice and avoid diet foods as they are likely to contain artificial sweeteners such Aspartame.  Cut out crackers, pastries, cakes and chocolate as they are likely to contain transfats which are linked to lower fertility and avoid products with MSG such as Chinese meals, flavoured crisps, meat seasonings and packaged soups.

Live Naturally

Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, recreational drugs, unnecessary medications are all no no’s.  Avoid stress or develop powerful coping strategies to deal with stress – try meditation to help detox the mind and take the edge off negative mindsets.

Exercise Gently

Avoid the gym and excessive exercise (long runs, rows, etc).  Walking is great exercise and extremely beneficial, especially if you walk in a natural environment.  Go for natural forms of exercise such as yoga and if possible find a fertility yoga class.  Muscle building exercise diverts testosterone from the reproductive organs to the muscles. Avoid cycling and swimming.

Ensure A Natural Environment

Check your house for cleaning and clothes/dish washing products – many of these contain toxic chemicals.  Many of these chemicals were tested in the 1950’s and 60’s and may not pass the more stringent health criteria that exist today.  Try cleaning your house with lemon juice and baking of soda or buy natural products from your health food store.  If you feel like being a bit more creative, you can go online and discover how to make your own cleaning products.

And that goes for beauty and personal care products for hair, body and personal hygiene. Check online to see if you can find more natural versions of your beauty and personal care products.

Laptops should not be kept on laps and mobiles should not be kept in pockets – they give off low levels of radiation.  If possible avoid low level radiation from TV, VDU, digital clocks and electric blankets and avoid living near pylons, radio stations/masts, phone exchanges for the same reasons.

Live A Natural Lifestyle

Be creative – draw or paint, sew, bake, write or do whatever you do that gets your creative juices going.  Being creative connects mind, body and emotion to your desire to create a baby.  Look at your life and strip it back to the bare essentials.  Look at your life and how you spend your time and ask yourself whether it gives you joy or if it’s just there to fill in the time.  Go for joy!

To help you work your way through this more easily, write down a list of all the things you’d like to do to establish a more natural lifestyle.  Then work out what are the three easiest things to do and do them.  Then work out what are the three most impactful things and work out a plan for implementing them.  Then knock of the rest of the list at a rate of three items a week.

I hope you have joy in living a more natural life and maximising your fertility, naturally.

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