5 Negative Mindsets To Avoid If You’re TTC

same old thinking, same old results

5 negative mindsets to avoid if you’re trying to conceive

Can your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours really affect your ability to get pregnant?  I’d say “Perhaps”.  But your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours absolutely make your journey to motherhood more or less fraught and emotionally draining.

Here are my top 5 mindsets to avoid if you want your path to pregnancy to be as painless as possible …..

1.   DOUBT

What you tell yourself is always right.  So, if you don’t think that you can get pregnant (or carry a baby full term) then that’s likely to be true.

Any doubt in your mind means that you’re not 100% – a part of you is holding back.  Perhaps it’s to protect you from disappointment, or pain, or for some other reason.

Doubt can create anxiety and stress and that really doesn’t help, if you want to get pregnant, or carry your baby full term.

But, that doubt – however large or small – is preventing you from being 100% committed to what you most desire.  Remove all doubt and become 100% committed towards your goal.


I don’t know about you, but I’m really fed up hearing lots of gloomy statistics about fertility rates for the over 35s.  In fact, I heard about a TV programme recently which was saying that if you’re over 30 your chance of conceiving goes down.

But …

Statistics are always pulled out in support of an argument or point.  I’m sure I could find a different set of statistics that supported an opposing view.

Statistics are figures, not people.  I personally know of lots of women who seem to defy the statistics by getting pregnant (both naturally and assisted) at 35, 40, 42 and even 46!

Good news is no news, so if you read it in the papers or watch it on TV it’s likely to be negative, gloomy and disempowering.  Can you imagine a TV programme being commissioned about a bunch of happy, healthy, 40 plus women who got pregnant nturally?  I don’t think so.

But if you follow the bloggers, you’re much more likely to find people who started blogging because of their difficulties in getting pregnant but who have subsequently become pregnant either naturally or assisted.

The truth you find, depends on where you look.  So, ignore the negative statistics and stories and start collecting success stories of women who’ve become pregnant under challenging circumstances.  It will banish your doubt and build your belief that you too can do it.

3.   FEAR

The fear that you won’t get pregnant has a negative effect on your body and can trigger anxiety and stress and so create the very circumstances you DON’T want.  Fear feeds doubt and stops you being 100% committed to realising your desire.


Now I’ve been talking about being 100% committed to realising your desire.  But obsession is 100% PLUS, and that’s taking it too far.

Obsession not only increases stress, but can have a very serious and negative impact on your mental health.
Obsession means you’re holding too tightly to that which you desire: obsession is a controlling state, not a baby creating state!


Anxiety is a stress state which can trigger depression and that in turn can reduce your ability to conceive.

Anxiety occure when we hold negative beliefs about the future – and what you focus on grows.  You don’t know what the future holds, so why not imaging a positive, rather than a negative future?  If you want to know why telling big fat lies about the future is good, check out my video at http://youtu.be/2CQ2y1OJe64.

If you’d like to join a group of women who are all TTC, join the FREE Baby Making Mindset Club.  You can get and give support, have a bit of a moan and learn how to manage your mindset with the psychology of conception. You’ll find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/freeBMMclub/