Are You Ready To Receive A Child?

Are you so busy chasing your heart's desire that you forget to stop and receive it?

Get ready to receive your child with a change of mindset

Are you relentlessly chasing your dream of getting pregnant?  Have you do mountains of research on nutritional do’s and don’ts?  Do you have a regime in place to check ovulation?  Have you looked at herbs, acupuncture, and anything else you might do to improve your chances of getting pregnant?

And still you’re not pregnant.  Do you now worry that there may be a physical problem that the doctor’s haven’t picked up on yet?  Are you thinking about IVF or assisted treatments?

If you’re not getting the results you want, have you considered that your mindset may be holding  you back?  If your focus has been on chasing your dream, perhaps it’s time for a change.  After all that chasing the dream can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Maybe it’s time to stop chasing the dream and start getting ready to receive.

Oh, I know, it feels completely counter-intuitive: after all, how can not pursuing something bring it closer?  And for most people, even the thought of letting go their heart’s desire will be very, very uncomfortable. 

But think about the energy and intention of your actions – what do you think might be more in keeping with the process of creation: chasing after something, or attracting something to you?

If what you’re doing is causing you stress AND it’s not working, maybe it’s time for a change.  And sometimes approaching a problem from a new angle can help.

Instead of directing your focus on what you want, can I suggest that you try giving yourself a break and instead think about what you’re ready to receive, now.  How would it cause you to feel if, every time you thought about getting pregnant, it was in the mental and emotional space of getting ready to receive a child?


Try it now.  Just sit for a moment and begin to be aware of your breath going in and out of your body.  Notice how, with each outward breath you become more and more relaxed.  And then, imagine yourself in a state where you are waiting in quiet anticipation for your baby.  Imagine yourself being ready to receive this new life.  Enjoy the passive nature of receiving.  Notice how you don’t need to strive, or struggle, or be deserving: you just need to be, to be open, and to be ready and willing to receive.

If this exercise doesn’t feel comfortable or natural, then perhaps you have a bit of mental and emotional work to do.  Why not start by signing up at the FREE Baby Making Mindset Club, where women who are TTC get together to share their emotional journeys and receive some useful tips on how to develop a Baby Making Mindset.