Are You Too Stressed To Conceive?

stress and trying to conceive

How to stop stressing and get pregnant more easily.

Now I know there are as many medical opinions that say stress is bad as say it makes no difference to your ability to conceive, but it’s my opinion that stress has a very negative impact on the body and can particularly impact on the reproductive system – both in women and men.

So, if you’re feeling stressed, what can you do.  Well the usual things: avoid long hours and excessive pressure at work; eat well; get regular exercise; get enough sleep; avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine; and make sure you have FUN.

But the most difficult types of stressors to deal with are those that don’t have a beginning, middle and end – like fertility issues.  In this case, the stress response remains switched on and begins to build momentum, making it ever more difficult to cope.  And of course, obsessing about becoming pregnant – all too easy a trap to fall into – will create it’s own, self-imposed stress.

If you want or need to reduce your stress levels, here are three things you can do today that will help:


Work is just work, it’s not your whole life, so keep the hours and your commitment to work in proportion.  Make sure your life outside work is fulfilling and fun and make time for friends and family.  Keep lots of variety in your life – it’s a great distraction for those “mind monkeys” that can lead you up the path to obsessing.  Be grateful for what you have – each breath is a reason to feel grateful – it will help you stay positive.

2.   RELAX

Sit for 15 minutes every day and do nothing.  Notice your breathing and observe how, as you become more and more relaxed, your breathing becomes slower.  The faster the pace your life is, the more important it is to be able to stop.  After all, if you were buying a fast car, you’d want to know it had great brakes!


What you focus on grows, so make sure you focus on what you WANT, rather than what you DON’T WANT.  If the voice in your head is telling you you’re never going to get pregnant, that’s what you’re likely to create.  So, visualise what you WANT over and over again, and programme yourself to focus on what you want.

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