Fertility Spells – Would You?

magic wand

Some time ago, I read an article on netmums.com entitled “Fertility Spells – do they work?”.  Netmums had conducted a survey of 2,000 women to find out what really works […]

Over 50% had tried old wives tales in an attempt to conceive

  • 22% had tried fertility statues
  • 29% had used a clairvoyant
  • 25% had tried a fertility spell

And did it work?

  • 77% of the group said that just taking action and doing something made them feel better
  • 15% said they thought they got some benefit

I have to say that I found the article confusing because it made no distinction between holistic therapies, clairvoyance, fertility statues and spells.  I’d say they were very different, but, that may be the subject for another blog, so …

Would you try a fertility spell?  I think I might, because when you think about it, a spell (and I’m not talking occult practices) is just a goal setting exercise which is specifically designed to work on the unconscious mind.

You would begin by sitting quietly or meditating or preparing yourself in some way before you turn your attention and focus to your heart’s desire.  You may write down your heart’s desire and burn it, allowing the energy to be released into the Universe to be manifest.  Or you might conduct a ritual at a specific time (maybe the new moon).  Perhaps you create a symbol to represent your heart’s desire and place it somewhere with special significance.  Or maybe you repeat powerful words to manifest your desire.

You may even do them all together.

Weird and whacky?  Definitely!  But effective, why not?  Not when you consider what you’re actually doing when you are “casting a spell”.

  • The preparation and sitting quietly allows you to remove yourself from the activity of your life, to connect with your feelings, to allow a greater balance between your conscious and unconscious mind and to turn your undivided attention to your objective.
  • The ritual that usually goes with a spell is a signal to your unconscious mind that it needs to pay attention.  It also normally involves some kind of physical activity which helps to connect you to your heart’s desire in both mind and body.
  • Taking time to cast a spell also forces you to focus exclusively on your heart’s desire – what you want, rather than what you don’t want.  You’ve set aside a time, specifically for this and for those moments, your heart’s desire is the sole focus of your attention.
  • Normally spells require that you symbolically let go of your desire – writing it down and burning it, letting go of sky lanterns, throwing coins into fountains.  This detachment from the outcome is an essential part of manifesting your heart’s desire – holding onto things too tightly stifles the energy required to create it.
  • The whole process is one huge symbol, a metaphore that your unconscious mind will find easy to relate to – and getting pregnant is an unconscious act, so you really do want your unconscious mind in on the act.
  • Spells help to build belief.  After all, it’s unlikely that you’ll go through all the motions of the ritual required by your spell if you don’t believe it might work – even the benefit of the doubt could be enough the tip the balance in your favour – the more likely you will get to that place where you believe it WILL work.

So do spells work?  Well you never know …….

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