About The Baby Making Mindset Club

The Baby Making Mindset Club was set up by Doris Wylie to help women manage  the emotional highs and lows of their journey to motherhood.  It has been designed as a mutual support group for it’s members, and also to provide information and tools and techniques that will enable members to develop coping and self-management skills.

The Baby Making Mindset Club consists of:

  • Membership of a closed Facebook group to provide emotional support for it’s members
  • A monthly video workshop to introduce emotional coping and self-management skills to the members
  • A monthly Q&A session to assist members with emotional issues
  • Guest speakers will visit the club from time to time
  • Discounts on bonus products

Because, sometimes you just need a good moan and you don’t want to burden your partner – again.  And other times you just need cheering up, or calming down, or being reassured.  And learning new and more effective ways of coping can’t do any harm either, can it?

The ladies in the Baby Making Mindset Club are all facing one of the biggest challenges of their life and they’re not taking it lying down.  No way!

That’s why I love working with them.  They’re truly inspirational and I’m honoured to be able to play a small part in their giant challenge.

Love, light and babies

Doris Wylie, Founder – The Baby Making Mindset Club


About Me

Doris has worked with clients as a Fertility Reflexologist and Coach for many years.  She has spent 100’s of hours studing an eclectic range of mind and body disciplines and is committed to a holistic mind and body approach.  Having observed that a mind element was missing in most fertility boosting approaches, she wanted to redress the balance and founded the Baby Making Mindset Club to do just that.  She has seen at first hand how poor self-management and coping strategies for the mental and emotional aspects of fertility create unnecessary and excessive suffering.  Doris has a knack for keeping things simple and making personal change easy and painless.  She also offers a free weekly newsletter and bite sized tips on managing your mindset through the Baby Making Mindset facebook page.