Can You Insist On Getting Pregnant?

Determined To SucceedA while ago, I was listening on Youtube to Martin Broffman, a healer, talking about – well, you guessed it … healing.

His talk was aimed at people who were ill and wanted to get better and I was very struck by his emphasis on INSISTING that something be so.

He was suggesting to people who were ill, that they should insist that their body heal itself, and the idea stopped me in my tracks.

Aren’t words powerful! And “insist” for me, is a powerful word.

Here’s a dictionary definition:

“demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal, stand firm, be firm, stand one’s ground, make a stand, stand up for oneself, be resolute, be determined, show determination, hold on, hold out, be emphatic, not take no for an answer, brook no refusal, persevere, persist, not give up, keep on at someone, stick to one’s guns, stick it out, hang in there.”

Insist doesn’t mean control, or manipulate, it’s not airy fairy or full of drama or hope, but neither is it’s not about trying or making things happen.  It’s about expecting that something will happen, about being resolute, determined, persistent and not taking no for an answer.

When you insist something will be so, you are resolved, congruent (all of you wants it), calm and detached, confident of the outcome, prepared to continue until you achieve that outcome.  Insist, is a word of certainty and relentless determination, it’s a word that recognises no other outcome than that being insisted upon.

If you are completely 100% insistent that something should happen, and you have resolve that nothing will stop you, your mind and body can hardly fail but to respond – or at least there is a much better chance that they will.

For example, I have met a  woman who had gone through 6 rounds of IVF, who began to suffer regular migraine headaches after her first round of hormone injections, and who, eventually, did have a child.  I suspect she was very insistent!

How insistent could you be?

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