Are You in Two Minds About Getting Pregnant?

Two Minds About Getting Pregnant

Are You In Two Minds About Getting Pregnant?

Could you be in two minds about getting pregnant?

What you desire on a conscious level, and what your mind is programmed to create on an unconscious level may be at odds with each other.

Sometimes your unconscious mind can sabotage your best efforts, so it’s important to be absolutely clear about a few things:

1.   What do you want?

Be specific and say it in the positive (what you want, rather than what you don’t want).

2.   What’s preventing you from getting it?

Take the first thing that comes up.  This really is a question for the unconscious mind, so your first, most instinctive response is likely to be the most accurate – regardless of how absurd.

Now, I know many of you will be saying “I don’t know” when you answer this question … but if you did know, what would you say?

3.   What would it mean to you to have a baby?

Again, be specific and positive.  Write to down, daydream about it.  Imagine it as if it were really happening now.

4.   What will you have to give up in order to have a baby and what impact will that have on your life?

Be very honest here, because a conflict between what you have now and what you may have to give up, in order to have a baby, may be stopping you on an unconscious level.

Imagine your life as it would be once you’ve had your baby and given up your existing lifestyle – is it OK? Really?  What bits of your present life are you going to miss most?

And when I talk about what you have to give up, I’m not just talking about “stuff” – a bursting wardrobe, luxury holidays, lunches with friends, favourite indulgences (if you’re lucky enough to have them)  – I’m also talking about career aspirations; time; control; how you define yourself; your existing relationships, your belief system, etc.

However you are placed work and money wise, something will have to change when the baby comes.  Is that OK?  Really?

It’s important when you want something, to be congruent, to have all of you – mind, body, emotions, behaviour and spirit – all moving towards your desire.

So, how do you know if your unconscious mind is sabotaging your efforts?  You can be aware of your behaviour – if what you DO is likely to get different results from what you WANT, then that’s likely to be self-sabotage.  For example, if you know you need to reduce your stress levels, but you continue to work mad hours, or you don’t take time out to relax, then you’re not being congruent.

Take care of yourself and pay attention to what you do.  Your actions need to be consistent with your desires.

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