I’d Like To Help

I’d like to be a true friend to you.  I’ve been very conscious of the fact that I’ve posted a lot of motivational posts on my facebook page over the last few months. Nothing wrong with that, I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

But, a picture and a few words that get a like now and then, don’t necessarily change anything.  And the motivational posts are designed to change not only how you think, but also what you do.  Because the essence of change is that you DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  The only way to get a different result, is to do something differently …

Stressed out?  Then try yoga, or a relaxation class, or change how you think about what’s stressing you out.

Depressed?  Do something to energize yourself and lift your mood – go for a walk, have lunch with a friend, go to a movie or the theatre.  Or, if you’ve been feeling very low for a long time, see your Doctor.

Isolated?  Find a support group or take up a new hobby so that you meet new people.

It’s all very easy for me to say, but it’s probably not that easy for you to do, otherwise you’d have done it by now.

stone feetBut I’d like to change all that.  Because I want my motivational posts in the future to be linked to blogs that offer practical tips or activities to help you change what you do.  Or perhaps spend a bit more time digging down into the detail of the motivational quote to find out why we don’t go away and take all those actions that we know will help us to feel better.

But I need your help to make sure that I’m covering topics that are relevant to you, so any suggestions you have about the biggest challenges you face, or the changes you find most difficult to make will help me focus on what will really help you to stay sane and positive on your fertility journey.

Please post your suggestions about what topics or issues you’d like me to cover on me facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-Making-Mindset/297966773668126

Or better still, join the Baby Making Mindset Club – a community of women who are supporting each other though the emotional ups and downs of their fertility journey.